Supported Self Help

Mind Aberystwyth is here to help you with your worries, however big or small.

Whether you’re experiencing new stress or anxiety because of the coronavirus pandemic, or have longer-term issues with depression, anger or self-esteem, sign up to our free supported self-help service here.

If you are resident in Ceredigion, aged 18 years and over, make a referral for Supported Self Help and we’ll be in touch to design a programme of support that’s right for you. Supported Self Help accepts self and professional referrals.

Supported Self Help participants have commented “The service has been really helpful” and “So grateful and means a lot to me that the practitioner has taken the time out to contact me on the dot every week, lets me finish my sentences and whatever the practitioner has said the practitioner has done“.

Please note that Supported Self Help is not an emergency service. For mental health crisis contact your GP, call 999 or go to your nearest Accident & Emergency. For 24/7 mental health support contact the Samaritans on 116 123 or NHS CALL 0800 132 737.

To make a referral, please visit the Mind Cymru website and sign up using their form. Your referral will be directed on to us.

All the materials are available in Welsh and English. Where possible, we will partner you with a Welsh speaking practitioner if preferable.

Supported Self Help is delivered in partnership with 17 local Minds in Wales thanks to funding from the Welsh Government as part of their Mental Health Recovery Fund.