Mind has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark

Mind Aberystwyth has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark!

The Mind Quality Mark (MQM) is a robust quality assurance framework endorsed by the Charity Commission. MQM is made up of 23 indicators and each local Mind assesses its own progress against the indicators. Every self-assessment is then reviewed by a trained review team. By achieving each indicator a  local Mind can be confident it is a quality organisation.

We met each of the indicators and were delighted with the following feedback in the final report:

Leadership: there is clear, strong and motivational leadership within the organisation, both in terms of senior management and governance. The CEO has led the organisation through ten years of sustainable growth, and has strongly cultivated internal talent, so people can develop their skills, and progress. All the examples shared, gave distinctive stories of personal development, growth, and commitment to staff. This results in commitment from staff, and a stable, effective service for users.

User focus and aspiration: the services provided are effective, professional and focused on the needs of the users. It was clear both through conversations with staff and users, that the philosophy of empowerment, independence and high level aspiration is widespread across all functions: from how users are treated to how staff grow and develop.

Holistic approach to quality and accountability: it is apparent that the organisation was historically set up around the MQM principles. The whole review demonstrated a very holistic approach to performance management, covering all aspects of organisational life. This is also apparent across the governance functions. The trustees have clear leadership, hold staff accountable, but also provide a supportive presence within the operational side of the organisation.

We received the following certificate and are now displaying it in the drop-in and the office!


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