The Vision Event at the Mind Garden on the 25th of August, led by Aber Food Surplus, gathered together community members who shared their fondness for the space and their hopes for its future. The garden is one of the few growing spaces local to Aberystwyth town. Many cherish the space and want to protect it and also, turn it back into a spot for all to visit and seek out as a place of relaxation. Heather from Aber Food Surplus led the session. Passionate about the garden, she wants “the space to be fun and inspiring for all.”

Through combining ideas and playing imagination games, plans to grow local and organic produce, build flower planters came to light. There are also hopes for seating areas and a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere for the area. The future of the Mind Garden is promising and has already started to become a colourful place once again.

To get involved with the Gardens development please contact Aber Food Surplus



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