Coping with financial worries at Christmas

It can be tough coping with the financial pressures of the festive period, especially if you’re already struggling with money or your mental health.

We wanted to share some tips and words of comfort that may be of help depending on your circumstances this December.

  • Be kind to yourself. Money worries can have a big impact on our mental health leaving you feeling concerned, embarrassed, or angry. Try not to blame yourself for your situation or how you’re feeling about it. Take a look, at Step Change’s Festive Support page for some supportive advice.
  • Make lists, plans, and budgets. This may help you feel a bit more in control of things. Take a look at Money Helper’s free online budget planner.
  • Shop second-hand and explore homemade gifting. There are a range of charity shops, websites, and apps out there that can be used to buy second-hand goods. Not only is this much cheaper, but it is also great for the planet to be reusing items. Re-upcycling goods and creating your own can also be more cost-effective and more personal.
  • Try to avoid comparisons. The festivities we see in adverts and on social media don’t often reflect reality and can make us feel bad about ourselves. Focus on what you can control. It may help to take a break from social media for a little bit!
  • Talk to others, you are not alone. Being honest about your feelings with the people around you can help you feel less lonely. those around you may be experiencing the same worries as you. Work together to make plans that work for everyone. This could be opting to do Secret Santa with a spending limit, or even just a festive movie day!

We are here to support you with your mental health during this time. Please get in touch at or call 01970 626225.

Citizens Advice has information if you are struggling to pay your bills.

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