Cardiff Half Marathon Fundraisers: Annie’s story

Today’s fundraiser is Annie Moore. Annie says “I am running this half marathon to raise money for Mind Aberystwyth, a charity that I believe saves thousands of lives every single year; including mine. They provide vast support networks to let people know they are not alone” Thank you so much for your support Annie!

Why is Annie raising money for Mind Aberystwyth?

She says “To those that know me, you know the struggles with Mental health I have had over the past few years. To those that don’t, hello, I am Annie and I have mental health issues.

It’s not easy writing these things because I feel every time I open up, I show a little piece of myself that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to reveal or not. It becomes incredibly easy to say to people ‘I’m fine’ when you’re really not. You fight so hard to keep that illusion that it’s difficult sometimes to admit you’re not the ‘happy’ person everyone thinks you are. As time goes by though I know that not talking about your problems is far more damaging than talking about them.”

Please see Annie’s Justgiving page for an honest and brave account of her trauma and recovery from mental health problems. Please be aware that the description of her journey is upsetting and may be a trigger for some individuals.

She positively says “A shocking 1 in 4 people experience some kind of mental health disorder at some point in their lives. Personally I believe this figure to be more realistic at 90% of people. Everyone goes through periods in their life where they feel they cannot cope. Money, relationships, work, health are all driving factors in many conditions. Mind has shown me so many wonderful coping methods to make my day to day feel like I am actually living. I’ve never been good at writing but I feel that this summarizes just how my journey has been these last few years; ‘I guess it is kind of funny when you look at it from a step back, how one man can literally buckle under the same pressures other men operate normally under. I have scoped this out from all angles, multiple times. I have been over everything in my head ’till I can’t think anymore. But I guess sometimes when you can’t breathe there are people there to breathe for you. I am lucky enough to have those people around me. Thank you for helping me to not die’

Thank you for sharing your experiences Annie and for setting your mind to this challenge!

Thank you from everyone at Mind Aberystwyth, we really appreciate it!

See her Justgiving page here:

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