Student Scoping Project

Over the next 12 months the mental health charity Mind Aberystwyth will be working with Aberystwyth University to establish what services students might want us to offer through the Mind Aberystwyth Student Scoping Project.

This project comprises a few different strands. Firstly, we will be establishing a Student Steering Group (SSG) consisting of Student volunteers and chaired by a Project Worker. The SSG will meet frequently to discuss students’ wellbeing needs, share ideas, comments and feedback, help to run events and design and deliver trial services.

Secondly, we will trial a variety of interventions and activities, informed by the SSG, such as arts and craft sessions, gaming and drop-in sessions. We will also be trialling limited one-to-one ‘Tea and talk’ sessions where students can talk about issues they’re facing in their lives both within and outside of an academic context.

Thirdly, the data gathered during these twelve months will culminate in a report on what students want and need from a mental health charity such as Mind Aberystwyth. This will then be used as evidence to secure funding for further services in the future.

It should be emphasised that this project is a learning exercise that aims to establish need though a student-centered approach, ensuring the data we gather comes directly from the students themselves. Serving on the SSG will be a great way for students to take ownership of the activities we trial, building their confidence and helping to spread awareness of mental health and combat stigma.

If you would like to serve on the Student Steering Group, please see the below: