What’s New??

What’s New??

Side-by-Side Cymru is a project that seeks to raise awareness of the advantages of Peer Support, and is offering training, networking events, and small grants to help get groups started in local communities! Click here for more information!


We also have a new Digital Drop-in, where members of the public and mind alike can come for support with any digital or technical problem, from setting up an email address, to accessing  Facebook,  to filling in a job application or help with Universal Credit! A team of volunteers are waiting to help with one to one support! Click here for more information!


We have also just started a Digital Art Group on Tuesdays from 3pm – 4:30pm. You don’t need to have any prior digital skills, or you can be a total pro! You can do photography and photo editing, digital drawing, find out about using the internet for artistic inspiration, and anything else you can think of. Click here for more information!

Here are some pictures edited in the group: