Recovery & Beyond


The ‘Recovery & Beyond’ package includes 6 separate courses which are delivered to groups over 4– 8 weeks.


The courses are designed to address some of the common challenges faced by many people on a day to day basis. The aim is to help participants within a group format make changes to their lives in a planned and achievable way.


With each course, sessions build on the previous one with exercises given at the end for the participants/group to reflect upon the following week. In this way, each person is encouraged to put the learned skills into practise whilst being accountable, not only to themselves but also to the rest of the group. Each person remains in control and is responsible for themselves at all times.


The group format is a useful method of enabling people in managing their condition/ problem. Peer support plays a large role in helping participants to achieve and maintain good mental health. Group members may also choose to attend a self-help group after the course has ended, or even whilst it is still taking place.


The courses available are:


  • Understanding Anger
  • Depression Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Improving your wellbeing
  • Problem Solving

Recovery & Beyond Course Schedule 2016-2018


Wednesday 4th October ’17


Wednesday 29th November ‘17


(Please note there will be no session on 1st November)

Managing Anxiety

• Relax and bring your bodily feelings under control

• Controlling distressing thoughts and faulty thinking

• Assertiveness

• Communicating effectively

• Time management

• How to maintain a positive attitude




Wednesday 31st January ‘18



14th March ‘18


(Please note there will be no session on 21st March)





Improving Wellbeing

• Understanding your basic emotional needs

• Understand the type of emotional reactor you are and techniques to manage your emotions

• Understand how to develop healthy relationships and some basic social skills

• Understanding addiction and techniques to deal with our addictions

• The importance of sleep and how to set life goals



Wednesday 18th April ’18


Wednesday 9th May ‘18



• How to identify and define a problem

• How to break down problems into smaller manageable chunks

• Understanding the consequences of not dealing with problems

• Participants will gain confidence and develop decision making skills


Date to be confirmed

Understanding Anger

·         Introduces general concepts relating to anger

·         reflects how different situations can make you feel angry.

·         Reflects on how our beliefs and moods affect us.

·         Discuss triggers of anger and reflect on your emotional needs

·         Identify unhelpful and helpful aspects of thinking

·         Problem-solve situations regarding anger.

·         Develop skills to relax.


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