Structured Sessions

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We offer various structured sessions for members. Each session costs £1, but if you do more than 3 sessions a week you only have to pay £3 maximum; which includes tea and coffee. Some sessions might cost more, please check the list below for more information.

We offer the following sessions to members:



Cycling Group from 12pm to approx. 3:30pm – The cycling group is suited for all ages, especially for those who want to keep fit and active. For more information about this session and the its meeting point, please contact us.


Art from 10am to 12pm – Everyone who is interested in art or learning about art can attend. It doesn’t matter what age or ability you are. Join to have fun, have a chat and a cuppa.

Creative Writing from 3pm to 5pm – In this session you can learn new writing techniques and gain confidence in your writing.  New members are always welcome.


Yoga from 11:15am to 12:15pm – Our Yoga class provides the perfect activity to combine relaxation with exercise.

Gym Group from 3pm to 5pm – The Gym Group provides a perfect opportunity for those who would like to stay fit to stay active and have a great time in a relaxed group setting. The Gym Group takes place at Plascrug Leisure Centre.

Please note: To attend the Gym Group, members must first complete an induction course at any leisure centre within Ceredigion. The induction course costs £13.  An hour in the fitness room costs £2.00 an hour if you are living on benefits, are a student or classify as a pensioner. Normal admission is £4.10 an hour.

Please contact us, for more information.


Woodland Group – We hold our Woodland group every Thursday. We visit the woods and discover them through different activities. For more information about the woodland group please contact us.