Meet the team at Mind Aberystwyth.

Nice to meet you! You might see some of these faces next time you come to Mind Aberystwyth.

Staff at Mind Aberystwyth.

Alistair Thain (Mental Health support officer)

Al Pritchard (Mental health support officer + woodland group leader)

Alice Wooley (Finance officer)

Anisha Allsopp (Mental Health support officer)

Charlotte Aldred (Mental Health support officer)

Fiona Aldred (Chief executive)

Hannah Foulkes (Admin)

Iain Jenkins (Operations manager )

Jennie Thomas (Marketing, Publishing and admin support. AO lead)

Kristy Blackwell (Drop in coordinator)

Kate Saunders (Mental Health Co-ordinator )

Lisa Humphrey ( Support supervisor )

Rhodri Edwards  (Mental Health support officer)

Sarah Goodson (Mental Health support officer)

Simone Thompson (Office manager )

Tarek Robertson (Business Development and Sustainability Manager)

Will Rathouse (Mental Health support officer, Smoking Cessation Coordinator, Archaeology for Mental Health Project Manager and AO support)


Board of directors

Catrin Owen (Chair of the board)

Dylan Lewis.

Eurwen Booth.

Rebecca Gorman.

John Williams.